Miyuki Beading Thread - MD - Duraline

See you at The Essex Bead Fair in Colchester on Sunday? I'll be there! I have a delivery of beads coming in on Wednesday so I'll be very busy with that and preparing for Sunday for the rest of the week. Just so you know!
Miyuki Duraline

MD  Miyuki Duraline

Miyuki Beading Thread  MD  Duraline


Miyuki Dura-Line woven nylon, polyethylene thread. Miyuki's answer to Fireline etc.
Flexible and pre-waxed, highly resistant. Totally invisible in use.
Does not stretch and ties very easily.
Note, it is advisable to use a needle size 12 with this wire.
Sold by 20 meter coil. Diameter 0.15mm.

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