Mats And Trays - PB-D - Project Box - Dark

See you at The Essex Bead Fair in Colchester on Sunday? I'll be there! I have a delivery of beads coming in on Wednesday so I'll be very busy with that and preparing for Sunday for the rest of the week. Just so you know!
Project Box - Dark

PB-D  Project Box - Dark

Mats And Trays  PB-D  Project Box - Dark


Back by popular demand this new style A4 Project Box with removable lid comes complete with:

2 elastic travel bands to ensure nothing falls out on the way!
An 8½“x12“ memory foam dark coloured beading mat which can be removed for cleaning.
A magnetic needle minder to keep your needles safely to hand as you work.
A reel of C-Lon fine beading thread (AA thickness, which is equivalent to Nymo D thickness).
2 John James Beading needles (1 x Size 10 long and 1 x Size 12 short ballpoint).

Colours may vary from those photographed.

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