Delicas 11/00 (Standard) - DB2368 - Duracoat opaque dyed charcoal

As an asthmatic I am now self-isolated so from now on I will be using Parcel2Go because they collect. Although I may post out less frequently, maybe only once a week, I will be having more frequent deliveries from the warehouse as I know how many of you are relying on me for your occupational therapy supplies, though they are going to sit in their box for 72 hours before I touch them! All in house events are also cancelled until further notice. It's a bugger!! If you live outside the UK please contact me for a P&P quote before you order, it's going to be expensive!
Duracoat opaque dyed charcoal

DB2368  Duracoat opaque dyed charcoal

Delicas 11/00 (Standard)  DB2368  Duracoat opaque dyed charcoal

£5.60 for 10.00 grams

11/00 cylinder bead. Approx Beads Per Gram: 200
Length: 1.6mm Width: 1.5mm Hole Size: 0.8mm

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