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Fibre East Fair


Fibre East British Natural Fibre & Craft Fair

This event is cancelled

Saturday 25th and Sunday 27th July 2020, is the Fibre East British Natural Fibre & Craft Fair, held at Redborne School and Community College, Amptill, MK45 2NU. This year they are celebrating their 10th anniversary. A show not to be missed.

Whether you are looking to discover a brand new craft and you are starting from scratch or perfecting a skill that you have been honing for a number of years Fibre-East have the perfect toolbox of experts and equipment to assist you. Ever wondered how many spinners it takes to ‘feed’ a weaver?

Well come and find out! Two Guilds have joined forces for the weekend and you are welcome to sit and card fleece to assist, or even spin for a while.

Our visitors have one thing in common: passion. We love to welcome novices who have just begun to take an interest in craft and wish to learn more. We also welcome those who have long mastered their craft but want to share their expertise or stock up on beautiful supplies from our rich assortment of artisan producers.

No crafter is too young or too old, too experienced or too new to craft. We are a welcoming and friendly show where help and advice is in abundance.  We aim to enable the continuation of the crafts of hand spinning, knitting, dyeing, weaving, felting and crochet to name but a few.

For more details visit where you will be able to see much more information.



Watch this space for more details

Watch this space for more details



Watch this space for more details

Watch this space for more details

Surrey Bead Fair


Surrey Bead Fair, Merstham, RH1 3ED

Once again, the East Surrey Bead Fair is being held at the Village Hall, Station Road North, Merstham RH1 3ED.

With a wide range of traders, coming from all over England, there will be something for everyone.

It will be open between 10:00am and 3:00pm, with refreshments available.

For more details, see

As always we will take as many beads as we can but please feel free to email us before the day with any specific beads you would like us to include in the display.